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Transport Canada increases maximum penalties for shipping violations to $250,000


The Minister of Transport, Pablo Rodriguez, today announced that the value of monetary penalties for violations under the Canada Shipping Act, 2001 has been increased from a maximum of $25,000 to a new maximum of $250,000.

The revised penalties are structured into three levels: minor, medium, and serious and reflect the seriousness of the violation. Minor violations are administrative in nature and pose no threat to public safety or the environment; medium violations apply to situations when regulations around pollution response are not followed, but may not pose a large threat to people or the environment; and serious violations are those that endanger human health or the environment, or involve destroying documents or obstruction of authority.

Examples of minor violations include:

  • a Master of a vessel failing to notify the Minister of Transport prior to entering a shipping safety control zone
  • vessels carrying dangerous goods not holding the appropriate Document of Compliance

Examples of medium violations include:

  • cheating on an examination to obtain a maritime document
  • a person possessing a maritime document not issued to them

Examples of serious violations include:

  • not storing compressed gas in separate compartments from other types of compressed gas
  • discharging of cargo residues in polar waters in certain conditions

(Photo by Louis Rhéaume of shipping on St. Lawrence River)