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Telltale simulation of how the MSC ZOE lost its containers 

Photo: Havariekommando (Central command for maritime emergencies Germany)


On the night of January 1, 2019, MSC Zoe lost approximately 290 containers in heavy weather on the journey from Portugal to Bremerhaven. The loss of so many containers is an exceptional event and made headlines worldwide and prompted a very grueling rescue mission to retrieve the lost containers, many of which ended up on the shores of the Wadden Islands in the northern Netherlands. It is the second-largest known container loss of a ship due to heavy weather. Only Svendborg Maersk lost more, 517, in 2014. 

Recently, Research institute MARIN has done model tests with a model of the MSc Zoe in one of its test facilities, to find out what caused the MSC Zoe to lose containers and how we can prevent this in the future.  MARIN is a Dutch provider of advanced expertise and independent research to the maritime industry.  

The simulation can be seen HERE