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SHIPNEXT signs agreement with XLProjects Network


A strategic partnership agreement between SHIPNEXT, the leading freight platform, and XLProjects Network (XLP) was signed at last week’s Breakbulk Europe in Rotterdam – the world’s largest project cargo and breakbulk event.
Offering instant cargo-to-ship matching on a global basis, SHIPNEXT was conceived in 2015 by Belgium-based shipping and tech entrepreneur Alexander Varvarenko to help charterers and shipbrokers in dry bulk, breakbulk, project cargo and containerized trades.
XLP is a division of AIN Group Pte Ltd., which has been operating successful global logistics networks since 2003. Today, XLP serves as a platform for the world’s top independent project logistics companies and is operated by a multilingual management team in Bangkok, Thailand.
Signed by SHIPNEXT founder and CEO Alexander Varvarenko and XLP directors Gary Dale Cearley and Daniel Bateman, the new agreement allows XLP members to reap the benefits of digital shipping by providing them with free access to the full SHIPNEXT system for a year. XLP members will have access to features such as the Trading Desk, Cargo and Fleet Monitor, Port Information, Freight Calculator, and more.
SHIPNEXT holds a patent for its innovative system that combines email processing, powered by natural language processing, machine learning, and AI, with an all-inclusive A-to-Z shipping platform. This integration enables instant freight search, freight tendering, trade facilitation and workflow automation.
Making use of smart tags and an algorithm that is constantly learning, the system provides an effective solution to the problem of information overload, caused by the unmanageable quantity of email that is a typical feature of the traditional shipping business.
SHIPNEXT CEO and founder Alexander Varvarenko said: “SHIPNEXT offers the most comprehensive and advanced tech solutions that free our users from the problem of data overload. We are delighted to offer our service to XLP members, who can look forward to working smarter and more efficiently with SHIPNEXT.”

(Photo pictures Alexander Varvarenko, SHIPNEXT founder and CEO, with XLP director Gary Dale Cearley)