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Retrospective of 2023 at the Port of Québec

At today’s annual public meeting, the Port of Québec took stock of its activities in 2023, a pivotal year in which the Port unveiled its new Vision 2035 initiative and an ambitious strategic plan. The administration presented several components of this plan that were put in place or carried out over the course of the year.

In 2023, the Port of Québec played a central role in supply chains, facilitating the transshipment of 27.8 million tonnes of goods and contributing to the national economy. This attests to the stability of the Port’s supply chains, and the performance is all the more noteworthy when considered alongside previous years’, which highlight the consistency and reliability of port operations in Quebec City.

The Port supports a wide range of industries, including agri-food, transportation, energy, steel, construction and mining, by providing modern infrastructure and the necessary logical services. These activities benefit from the Port of Québec’s strategic position and its commitment to operational efficiency and sustainability.

The Port of Québec aims to be recognized by citizens for its responsible land management, respect for the environment and protection of biodiversity, while simultaneously positioning itself as a world leader in the creation of sustainable supply chains that contribute to an economy that is ever more resilient.

The goal is to combine the best of all four worlds, through the following:

  • Being close to the world by becoming a benchmark for community involvement;
  • Committing to a more sustainable world by becoming a leader in the fight against climate change and promoting the energy transition;
  • Innovating and extending our influence by becoming an internationally-recognized port that is known for being at the forefront;
  • Taking things further by becoming an employer of choice that is known for putting people first.

“In partnership with local players, we have implemented several bold initiatives, including revitalizing new public spaces and opening up the port area to innovative businesses,” said Mario Girard, President and CEO, Port of Québec.  “Guided by our ‘Vision 2035’ plan, we continue to shape a promising maritime future, where innovation and sustainability are at the heart of our actions. Together, we’re sailing towards new horizons, driven by our passion for innovation and our commitment to the community. “

Prioritizing community involvement

Over the past year, the Port of Québec has taken a forward-thinking approach to social innovation, encouraging community participation through “good neighbour” discussions and co-creation meetings. Public consultations were held to review the Land Use Plan, as well for other more specific projects. Initiatives such as the cohabitation committee and the Youth on Board committee have strengthened the Port’s commitment to sustainable development and the next generation. Particular care has been taken regarding consultations with First Nations and social contributions, with initiatives to provide financial support for the local community and educational, cultural and recreational partnerships. Measures were also taken to mitigate noise pollution, including transparent monitoring and active collaboration with residents and experts to find long-lasting solutions.

These 2023 actions earned the Port of Québec the Community Involvement award at the Gala des Mercuriades 2024, shining a light on some of the innovative ways in which the Port of Québec contributes to the development of its community.

Focus on innovation

In 2023, the Port of Québec added a new innovation component to its strategy with a view to supporting the development of start-ups and the dissemination of new technologies on a global scale. This initiative led to the creation of Le Phare, a mobilization of the ecosystem through which the Port offers its infrastructure, network and challenges as a catalyst for innovation. The Port of Québec will play a number of different roles to meet the complex challenges of the industry. The innovation ecosystem is becoming an important pillar of the Port’s development, fostering partnerships with external players and bringing the maritime industry closer to the education, research and technology sectors.

An impressive cruise season

More than 154,000 cruise passengers visited the Port, with 28 cruise lines and 41 different ships making a total of 131 calls throughout the season, which extended from April 25 to November 5, 2023. The Port had a record number of embarkation and disembarkations, winning the award for best cruise destination in the Canada-New England region. 2025 will mark the beginning of a new era, with the introduction of winter cruises. The Holland America Line celebrated its 150th anniversary with stops in Quebec City, thus extending the cruise season.

Finally, the Port took another step to support innovation by forming a partnership with MT Lab, which aims to propel businesses to new heights while contributing to the development and promotion of the tourism industry in the region and beyond, as well as continuing its commitment to sustainability with dockside electrification projects.

(Port of Quebec photo)