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Port of Québec presents 2035 vision


The Port of Québec today presented Vision 2035 which will guide all daily decisions. In Vision 2035, the Port pledges to earn the recognition of its fellow citizens for the responsible management of its territory, its respect of the environment, and its protection of biodiversity, while positioning itself as a world leader in establishing sustainable supply chains at the service of a more resilient economy.

“The maritime industry is transforming, the planet is warming, the community is interested in our projects, and our employees are seeking a working environment where they can grow. Thanks to the major initiatives to be deployed over the next three years, we will meet the challenges ahead including innovative projects, a decarbonization plan, a smart corridor, the beautification of the territory, port collaboration on the Saint Lawrence, and a community engagement platform,” said Port of Québec President and CEO Mario Girard.

The past thirteen months have seen the Port of Québec prepare its strategic plan for 2023-2026. This exercise culminated with some thirty workshops and work sessions and involved the mobilization of a hundred stakeholders.

To handle the maritime industry’s economic, environmental, community and human challenges, the entire plan revolves around four major objectives stemming from four worlds: the community, the protection of the planet, international ambitions, and its employees. The Port is unveiling a strategic plan and vision that is more than the best of both worlds: it brings together the best of four worlds.

 Being part of the community

 As a vector of collective development, the Port will continue to be actively involved and be a valued member of its community. In so doing, the Port intends to:

  • Improve the citizen consultation process and the environmental assessment of projects on the port territory;
  • Implement a community fund in support of citizen initiatives • Enhance the recreational and tourism offer, and sites earmarked for the public;
  • Optimize the layout of the port territory and improve access to the River • Upgrade the City-Port interaction process to harmonize common interests;
  • Establish a permanent advisory committee comprised of the CEO and representatives of the Y-Z generation to stimulate constructive dialogue on port issues.

 Committing to a more sustainable world

 When it comes to development, we will reconcile economics and the environment. The Port and its partners are determined to become agents of change, leaders in the fight against climate change, and model citizens in environmental matters, notably by deploying the following initiatives:

  • Develop a new ambitious sustainable development plan for the 2024-2028 period, with our stakeholders • Design and carry out a decarbonization plan for the Port and disseminate the results
  • Develop strategies for ensuring ecological integrity and preserving biodiversity
  • Maintain efforts to reduce air pollution in collaboration with existing institutions and workgroups
  • Begin to implement electrification of docked ships Innovate and gain renown throughout the world

 Becoming a cutting edge port with international standing

In addition to consolidating its world class port infrastructures, the Port intends to create a “Made in Québec” maritime and economic cluster from which institutions, companies and high-potential newcomers will emerge as leading organizations:

  • Use the Port as a laboratory to develop and showcase our tech companies’ expertise throughout the world
  • Emphasize collaborations with institutions of higher learning and the world’s centres of innovation to always remain at the leading edge of tomorrow’s solutions
  • Collaborate with the Saint Lawrence Corridor initiative toward more competitive maritime transport and a smaller environmental footprint
  • Modernize our infrastructures by maximizing the use of leading-edge technologies
  • Begin developing a land reserve according to sustainable and responsible practices.

“We have all the talent right here to form a new world maritime ecosystem. We must give our operators the levers to grow and develop to support smoother and more effective supply chains,” added Mr. Girard.

The Port also intends to maintain and strengthen communication channels with the main stakeholders to discuss global prospects, opportunities regarding re-establishing supply chains, the challenge of improving intermodal logistics, and the need to take advantage of maritime transport which remains by far the greenest of all modes of transport.

 Going further with our employees

 By becoming an employer of choice, with people at its heart. Since the vitality of a port is defined by the people who work there on a daily basis, the Port of Québec aspires to become an employer of choice, renowned for its humanity and stimulating work environments. The Port intends to:

  • Deploy a strong and attractive employer brand
  • Review its plan for organizational needs, notably to favour energy transition
  • Enhance the employee experience by relying on the strength in numbers that the port community employees represent
  • Group the employees in a single building with workspaces adapted to the new job market realities
  • Develop a work environment with high-performance technological tools that stimulate innovation and cooperation.

(Port of Quebec photos)