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Panama Canal Authority increases daily slots in Panamax locks


In response to the present and projected level of Gatun Lake, the Panama Canal Authority (ACP) today announced a new adjustment to accommodate the growing demand for transits, by increasing the number of daily slots available in the Panamax Locks.

Starting March 18, two more Panamax slots will be available for auction, and from March 25, an additional slot will be introduced. This will increase the daily transits to 27, compared to the current 24 slots. This is still significantly lower than the 36 daily transits typically available.

Transits for the larger Neopanamax locks remain reduced at just seven a day versus the recent level of 10. Total transits as of late March will have increased to 27 per day which remains at nearly half of peak levels.

These measures allow the majority of vessels that want to transit the Canal to have a better chance of obtaining a reservation, the ACP stated.

Panama Canal specialists are closely monitoring the current water situation, and the measures announced today, published in the Advisory to Shipping, will remain in effect until conditions warrant changes.

(ACP photo)