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Canadian Coast Guard icebreaker begins operations in Thunder Bay area


The Canadian Coast Guard has advised residents of the Port of Thunder Bay area, in Ontario that the CCGS Samuel Risley will carry out icebreaking operations in the area on Tuesday, March 22.The purpose of this operation is to start the initial harbour breakout. Breaking up the ice will allow for the safe and efficient movement of commercial vessels. The St. Lawrence Seaway opens on March 23.

The Canadian Coast Guard reminds the public that it can be very dangerous to venture onto the ice and suggest that they familiarize themselves with our ice safety tips. The ice may move, creating a real danger for anyone on it. Additionally, plan activities carefully and use extreme caution after operations are complete as the ice will remain unstable even once the icebreaker has left the area.

Icebreaking on the Great Lakes and connecting waterways is delivered through close co-operation between the Canadian and United States Coast Guards. By working together, the two Coast Guards ensure scheduled vessel traffic can move through the shipping channels and in and out of community harbours. Vessels are assigned as needed to provide this service.

(Canadian Coast Guard photo)