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Berge Bulk tests solar panels at sea


Berge Bulk, which boasts an ambitious path to become carbon neutral by the middle of this decade, is experimenting with solar power at sea.

The Singaporean dry bulk company recently launched a pilot program on its 262,583 dwt ore bulk carrier Berge K2 to test the maritime application of solar technology. This test facility produces approximately 100 kilowatts of electrical power, which is fed into the ship’s main electrical grid to support the ship’s diesel alternators. Through the test, they assess how the panels withstand stresses at sea and during cargo operations in ports. Following this pilot, they are considering upgrading the test to a 1,000 kilowatt installation.

Far ahead of most shipping companies in its pledge to go green, Berge Bulk has committed to become carbon neutral by 2025 at the latest, which would be quite an achievement.

Starting this year, the company is offering clients an option for carbon neutral cargo delivery via offsets.