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Theodore TOO is resting in Mirachimi NB after a relatively short run from Summerside PEI 


Long prior to European settlement, the Miramichi region was home to members of the Mi’kmaq first nation. For the Mi’kmaq, Beaubears Island, at the junction of the Northwest and Main Southwest branches of the Miramichi River was a natural meeting point.

The towns of Chatham and Newcastle were formerly important ports for northeastern New Brunswick. Dredging, however, was necessary to maintain a deep enough channel for most ships to cross between the barrier dune islands at the mouth of Miramichi Bay. Ocean-going ships entering the port must have a shallow draft, and must navigate the ancient, meandering course of the drowned Miramichi River channel through the inner Bay.

The cities were amalgamated to the chagrin of many in 1995 to form the city of Miramichi

Miramichi Port Committee Inc. (MPCI) owns and operates the marine terminal situated close below the Morrisey Bridge in Miramichi West (the former town of Newcastle). The focus of MPCI is to provide logistics to the forestry sector. MPCI officially commenced operation in 2004.[26] The site contains approximately 21,625 m2 (5.34 acres) of property, with a berthage length of 313 m and a depth of 9 m. Two unheated storage sheds are located on the property containing 10,300 m2 and 2325 m2 of enclosed storage area. There is an open storage area of 9000 square metres.

Source Wikipedia

As far as we know, Theodore TOO is scheduled to stop in Gaspé, Sainte-Anne des Monts, Rimouski, Saint-Jean-Port Jolie, Québec City and Montréal although the decision to stop remains the captain’s prerogative.

Of course, many more very photogenic stopovers to come for avid photographers, as evidenced by the stunning photo below taken during the Port Hawkesbury stopover by Trish McCormick posted on the Marine Traffic Network.