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SLSMC and Hoverlink leverage Seaway lands for sustainable transportation solution


St. Catharines, Ontario – The St. Lawrence Seaway Management Corporation (SLSMC) recently concluded an agreement to lease lands to Hoverlink Ontario Incorporated to offer their hovercraft transportation service on Lake Ontario.

Hoverlink is the latest addition to the SLSMC’s growing portfolio of land leases with marine-focused partners on the St. Lawrence Seaway. Hoverlink will offer reliable and sustainable water transportation year-round, saving people time and reducing roadway congestion, providing a convenient solution for tourists and commuters alike.

Although best known for operating the Seaway infrastructure, SLSMC also manages federal lands on the shipping corridor, leasing lands to commercial tenants that contribute to the fluidity of Canada’s supply chain, while protecting the rights and interests of communities adjacent to Seaway.

“We are pleased to have Hoverlink as a partner, promoting a sustainable transportation solution and bolstering economic development in the region. Their initiative aligns with our vision for a greener future, and helps create new opportunities for growth and collaboration on our waterway,” said SLSMC President and CEO Terence Bowles.

Chris Morgan – CEO & Founder of Hoverlink stated, “it has been a collaborative effort spanning several years to get us to this point. The team we work with at the SLSMC have been tremendous in their support and, unwavering in the commitment to see this innovative project come to fruition.”

(Photo from Hoverlink Ontario)