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Russian Maritime Law Association calls for end of Ukraine conflict

In a courageous initiative that breaks ranks with the government of Vladimir Putin, the Russian Maritime Law Association (Rumla) has called for the immediate cessation of the conflict in Ukraine and a return to “reason and legal mechanisms to resolve” disputes.

The association was clearly treading carefully to avoid calling the conflict a war, since the use of such terminology in Russia – instead of the prescribed ‘military action’ – is punishable by up to 15 years’ imprisonment.

Nevertheless, Rumla president Konstantin Krasnokutskiy said: “We call for the immediate termination of all military actions. We believe that there is no legal or political justification that would allow troops to enter the territory of another state. Any military actions result in the loss of lives.”

“We cannot and will not support or justify human suffering,” Mr. Krasnokutskiy said, adding:“The decision to launch the military actions is contrary to the interests of both Russia and Ukraine, and humanity. The negative consequences will be borne for many years to come.” (Photo of Konstantin Krasnokutskiy from Rumla)