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Port Alberni and San Group reach agreement for operation of Berth 3 dock



From left to right: Kamal Sanghera, CEO of San Group Inc; Ken McRae, PAPA Board Director ; Paul Deol (his head is tucked back behind Mr. McRae’s left shoulder), from San Group Inc ; Suki Sanghera, President of San Group Inc; and Zoran Knezevic, President & CEO of PAPA.

The Port Alberni Port Authority (PAPA) and San Group Incorporated have announced an agreement for the operation of Port Alberni Shipping Terminals’ Berth 3 dock and adjacent land facilities. Under the agreement San Group, which is British Columbia’s largest and premier value-added wood products manufacturer, will operate the shipping activities of Berth 3 and invest more than $15 million in various facilities and equipment upgrades, such as storage silos and dockside cranes.

PAPA will support the operational transition over the next year by providing expertise while San Group will immediately begin work to improve the operational efficiencies of the facility required to meet the company’s increasing export needs and the additional shipping opportunities available in the evolving post-pandemic global marketplace. 

“The agreement reached and announced by San Group CEO, Kamal Sanghera, on June 2nd represents a joyous and momentous occasion for the future of the region’s shipping and economy,” states PAPA President & CEO, Zoran Knezevic.

He adds: “Port Alberni has a long, proud and rich history of shipping. In fact, we all know international shipping of forest products played a major role in the growth and prosperity of the community. This agreement, and the investments envisioned by San Group, as the province’s biggest value-added manufacturer, will help the community see a new, brighter future that leverages shipping from the Alberni Inlet to the world.” San Group is equally as excited and positive about the agreement. 

“The agreement with the Port is a major piece of our model to grow our value-added forest products business to maintain our leading status in BC. Our commitment to operate and invest in Berth 3 will help us create logistics synergies that benefit our business and also provide efficiencies for all shippers,” explains Mr. Sanghera.

Furthermore, he continued, “we came to Port Alberni seeing the potential to grow our premier value-added forest products business and we have made great strides realizing that potential. This new operation at the port will create more than 30 new skilled, high-paying jobs, providing further economic impact to the local economy.”


View of berth 3 looking out to Alberni harbour.