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Nineteen states back green shipping corridor concept at COP26 summit

The United Kingdom announced the launch of the Clydebank Declaration at COP26 in Glasgow. The signatory states declared their ambition and intent to support the establishment of green shipping corridors – zero-emission shipping routes between two ports.

Canada is among the 19 signatory states which include the United States, the UK, Australia, France, Germany, Chile, Belgium, Japan, Spain, Norway, New Zealand and Sweden.

The signatories stated it was their “collective aim to support the establishment of at least 6 green shipping corridors by the middle of this decade, while aiming to scale activity up in the following years, by inter alia supporting the establishment of more routes, longer routes and/or having more ships on the same routes.

It is our aspiration to see many more corridors in operation by 2030.”

In backing the green corridors, the Declaration stresses that “signatories recognise that fully decarbonised fuels or propulsion technologies should have the capability to not add additional GHGs to the global system through their lifecycle, including production, transport or consumption.”

The naming of the Clydebank Declaration pays tribute to the heritage of the City of Glasgow and the River Clyde where the Declaration was signed on 10 November 2021.

The Declaration sits within the Zero-Emission Shipping Mission and is designed to complement work at the International Maritime Organization to enable zero-emission shipping.(photo of Espada Desgagnés on St-Laurence River: Pierre Terrien)