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New speedy South China – Los Angeles Service from ZIM

Israeli carrier ZIM has announced the launch of a new, speedy, dedicated service from South China to Los Angeles, US, West Coast – Speedy ZIM eCommerce Xpress (ZEX).

Designed to cater to the increasing needs of eCommerce customers, especially now due to the growing eCommerce demand following the COVID-19 crisis and the need for more air freight service, including possibility to combine a fast Sea & Airfreight solution. The new ZEX service from Yantian and DaChan Bay, South China to Los Angeles, US West Coast will be the fastest on the market, with a transit time of 12 days. It is scheludeled to start on June 22.

ZEX service will deploy 5 so-called Sprinter vessels and is meticulously designed to support a time-sensitive cargo, taking into account the specific needs and requirements of eCommerce retailers and customers.

In addition to the fastest transit time, the new service offers Wednesday departure from Shenzhen (Yantian & DaChan Bay), late cut-off time, and Monday cargo availability in Los Angeles (PAG WBCT).

The service also provides quick rail connections to additional destinations including Chicago, Memphis, Dallas, Kansas City and New York.

ZIM President and CEO Eli Glickman commented, “Once more we’re putting into practice our core values, our Agility and Can-Do-Approach, to identify fast-growing market needs – and provide a smart, express solution with an option to combine Expedite Sea & Air Freight solution, in record time. We listened to our customers and we made it happen! We are very proud of the new service, which is the fastest to the Pacific South-West from SPRC, and I’m positive our customers will appreciate and enjoy the advantages it provides.”

EVP Pacific Services Nissim Yochai added, “ZIM is coming back to the Pacific South-West (PSW) with a Fast, Punctual & Reliable service. We aim to serve our existing customers and a new segment of the growing eCommerce market with our unique, well-known personal touch. This service is also an excellent and reliable substitute for air freight, with much more affordable prices and the best value for money.”

Six thousand five hundred nautical miles separate Yantian to Los Angeles which takes 17 days to cover at a reasonable speed of 16 knots. «To do it in 12 days requires a speed of 22.5 knots» noted Andy Lane from Singapore container advisory consultancy, on Splash «That is almost maximum right at the top of the fuel curve, burning more than twice as much as at eco-speed.» The container transport expert added: «Historically, shippers have preferred reliability over transit time. Midweek closing in South China has traditionally also not been popular» all of which made him describe ZIM’s new service as «a bold move.»

The least that can be said is that it is very far from «slow sailing!»