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Le gouvernement suédois accorde des éco-bonus aux entreprises de transport maritime (en anglais)


The Swedish government is rewarding innovative and sustainable shipping projects of shipping companies with an eco-bonus environmental incentive. Three of the four projects selected to receive an eco-bonus operate services to and from Ports of Stockholm.

Shipping companies have been eligible to apply for an environmental compensation bonus to transition from land to sea transport. Three of the four projects selected promote sustainable transport to and from the Stockholm region.

“Many congratulations to our innovative, environmentally aware and forward-thinking customers and business partners. It is immensely pleasing to be able to be part of contributing to sustainable transport to and from the Stockholm region. Together with the shipping companies, forwarding companies and cargo owners, we now have even greater possibilities to move the transport of goods from land to sea, to the great benefit of the environment,” explains Thomas Andersson, CEO Ports of Stockholm.

The three projects awarded compensation that are associated with Ports of Stockholm are:

  • AB Rederi Gotland – For changing from road cargo transport to sea transport between Nynäshamn and Rostock, Germany.
  • Wallenius Marine AB – For changing from road cargo transport to sea transport in the greater Stockholm region.
  • IW Line Rederi AB – For changing from road cargo transport to sea transport between Norrköping and Kapellskär.
  • The fourth project is AB Flivik Shipping for the transfer of goods from road to shipping in the Kalmar / Copenhagen area.

The government’s intention with the eco-bonus incentive is to promote new and improve existing sea transport possibilities to reduce the pressure on the Swedish road network and reduce emissions of air pollutants and greenhouse gases. Transporting goods by sea instead of by road in most cases has significant environmental benefits.

“Stockholm ranks as one of the most sustainable cities in Europe. It is of the greatest importance for commerce to continue to have the possibilities to invest in sustainable transport in the region. To reach our very ambitious environmental goals, and continue as a development leader, it is extremely worthwhile for the government to provide support for this type of initiative to promote a transition of cargo transport from land to sea,” states Thomas Andersson.

Ports of Stockholm is pursuing other environmental incentives such as onshore power for cruise ships.

Photo: Port of Stockholm