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Launching of the Intelligent Maritime Corridors International Council 

Quebec City – Founded on January 15, 2021, the Intelligent Maritime Corridors International Council (IMC IC) is an impartial, independent, Canadian not-for-profit corporation. Over the past few months, IMC IC has conducted numerous consultations with strategic partners in Quebec, Canada and internationally on the concept of “Intelligent Maritime Corridors”. IMC IC today unveiled the first organizations to become partners in the initiative.

The IMC IC is a non-governmental forum supporting the objectives of establishing a new international architecture of maritime transport to which would be grafted, at the national level, intelligent land transportation systems.

One system among others under the lenses of this new organization is the St. Lawrence and the Great Lakes corridor: two countries; 10 federated states; 3,000 km long. This maritime corridor is the backbone of a supply chain network serving a population of 100 million by sea, land, rail and air.

“Several projects will mature in the fertile ground of our organization to optimize this exceptional corridor and make it more attractive and competitive in the eyes of users and investors ” said the co-founders,  Denis Provençal and Donald Roussel.

The concept of an intelligent maritime corridor is new and unifying. It emerged in the wake of multiple meetings with representatives of the largest national and multinational organizations of the public and private sectors servicing the international transportation of goods and people.

“We shared findings and challenges, such as the structural changes needed to modernize significant trade corridors, the rises of Revolution 4.0, wide dispersion of initiatives in Canada and internationally, and the eminent lack of coordination”, say the co-founders of the project. It emerges that IMC IC is to provide a collective and coordinated response to contemporary issues.

The IMC IC will build on the principles of the blue economy, the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and the commitments of industry and parties to address climate change. This new organization promotes the creation of a new ecosystem of strategic collaboration, scientific and technical cooperation, support for new talents and start-up companies in partnership with large corporations and the various government bodies.

Proposals for new transport data management systems, policies and regulations, normative references, and field-testing laboratories will support numerous projects and business solutions that foster an environment optimal for the efficiency and resilience of the global supply chain. Success will depend on the optimal use of public and private funds, the driving forces and new technological and digital capabilities in full development that make Canada a world-class expertise.

Canadian and international organizations support this structuring project: the Trois-Rivières Port Authority; the National Centre of Expertise in Maritime Pilotage set up by the Canadian Marine Pilots Association; the Canadian and international Blockchain Supply Chain Association; and Wärtsilä.

Other organizations are also in the process of confirming their intention to collaborate. IMC IC’s impressive start demonstrates the interest and ambition of this organization. “The networking we are developing with these organizations is not just a simple addition; it is a multiplier of new ideas and networks on all continents,” the co-founders add. 

“The Intelligent maritime corridors International Council is a major partner in achieving our strategic directions towards 2030 as well as our desire to build strong partnership bridges with stakeholders interested in a 2.0 transformation of St. Lawrence and Great Lakes maritime system,” said the CEO of the Trois-Rivières Port Authority,  Gaétan Boivin. 

“The vessel’s safe and efficient movement in Canadian waters must be integrated into a smart digital ecosystem to support Canada in developing a more competitive and forward-looking supply chain. The IMC IC leadership in bringing together the various international initiatives is timely, and the National Centre of Expertise in Marine Pilotage is proud to collaborate in achieving its objectives “, said the President of the Centre of Expertise in Maritime Pilotage, Captain Alain Arseneault.

 “By partnering with IMC IC, we plan to contribute to Canada’s technological advancement in freight movement. As we try to get out of the current situation caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, we must look for innovative ways to move our economy forward. It’s through technologies like blockchain and intelligent maritime corridors alliance that we think this can be done. And it is with partners like IMC IC, who have a strong spirit of innovation, that we want to do this “, said the President of the Blockchain Supply Chain Association, Erik Valiquette.

” Wärtsilä is a world leader. Leveraging the latest maritime digital technologies, we deliver a stepchange in safety, efficiency, reliability, and emissions. Wärtsilä is pleased to partner with the IMC IC. With our active engagement in developing innovative solutions for decarbonizing the industry, we are happy to be able to support the IMC IC in its mission for strategic collaboration with industry partners “, said the Head of Growth in Americas of Wärtsilä Voyage,  Vesa Koivumaa.

“We are honored to begin the project with these four great organizations. Our innovation ecosystem is one of a kind. It opens up an exciting prospect to capitalize on and showcase the vital forces of Canada and our international partners”, said finally Denis Provençal and  Donald Roussel, co-founders. The organization’s headquarters are based in Quebec City. Antennas outside Quebec and Canada will eventually be deployed.