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Landmark transit via NSR by new heavy lift operator

Rotterdam-based RED BOX Energy Services Pte. Ltd. (RBES) a newly established heavy lift provider, has announced the first transportation of a Jack-Up rig from Europe to China via the Northern Transportation Route.

The operation involved a 7900 Nautical Mile transit of the NSR from Grenaa Havn, Denmark to Qingdao, China and the safe delivery of the 11,000 tonnes Jack-Up Accommodation Rig “Atlantic Amsterdam” by the RED BOX module carrier Audax.

Speaking on behalf of RBES, Managing Partner and CEO Philip Adkins stated: “The voyage, as well as the operation itself have once again highlighted the importance of the NSR as a compelling economic alternative to the Suez Canal or around the Cape of Good Hope”.

Chris Muilwijk, the RED BOX CFO added: “The transit of the Atlantic Amsterdam via the NSR not only reduced the transit time from 51 to 27 days, but we were also able to avoid the serious risks of weather delays to be expected around the Cape of Good Hope at this time of year. The NSR routing eliminated the risk of potential damage to the rig’s legs as a result of the high seas and violent wind conditions that are always a factor when navigating around the Cape. The Suez Canal option was never considered due to the height of the legs, which would have prevented the Audax from passing under the Al-Nasr Bridge.” (Photo from Red Box Energy Services)