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Discover the history of marine pilotage on the St. Lawrence River!


There is an intrinsic link between the history of marine pilotage and that of Canada. As soon as the first settlers arrived from France, it was along the waterways that the first colonies sprang up.

Once they reached the Gulf, their journeys involved navigating in conditions and under dangers that were foreign to experienced navigators on the high seas. It therefore became imperative to call on experts who were perfectly familiar with the nature and particularities of these waterways: the marine pilots.

Even today, their expertise and know-how enable goods to be transported along this vital artery for our economy, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, come rain or shine. Every day, they face the challenges posed by marine currents, restricted waters, the topography of the dredged canals, frequent periods of poor visibility and ice in winter.

To explore this fascinating profession and understand the crucial role played by marine pilotage in Canada’s history, the Corporation of Mid St Lawrence Pilots has launched a free travelling exhibition to mark its 150th anniversary.

Entitled Veiller au grain : un fleuve et ses pilotes, it traces the history of pilotage on the St Lawrence and demystifies the profession and role of marine pilots.

After stopping off on the shores of communities along the St Lawrence last summer and this summer, the exhibition culminates in Montreal, at the Grand Quai in the Old Port.

Until 16 October, Montrealers and visitors alike are invited to discover this free exhibition, every day from 9am to 5pm. On Saturdays and Sundays, a pilot and a hostess will be on hand to welcome visitors and answer their questions.

Source : Corporation of Mid St. Lawrence Pilots