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CSL stands in solidarity with SIU report on harassment


The CSL Group, a global leader in responsible marine transportation services, is committed to fostering a safe and healthy workplace in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity, free from harassment and violence. We take very seriously the concerns raised by the recently released Seafarers International Union (SIU) survey and reaffirm our commitment to take the actions needed to eliminate all types of harassment on our ships and in our offices.

Providing a respectful and supportive workplace is a fundamental value at CSL, and we have been proactively implementing measures to uphold this commitment for many years. In 2021, we conducted our own harassment survey among our crew members, revealing eye-opening results that underscored the need for action. Since then, we have taken significant steps to create a workplace that goes above and beyond to ensure the well-being of every member of our crew.

Among the many initiatives we have put in place are comprehensive training programs designed to educate all ranks of seafarers about the various forms of harassment, its impact, and the importance of a healthy and respectful work environment. All CSL seafarers must undergo mandatory training on the prevention of workplace harassment and violence upon hiring and every three years thereafter. Ship and shore-based leaders also receive ongoing training to equip them with the necessary skills to effectively address harassment issues.

We continuously monitor, evaluate and improve our training programs to ensure their effectiveness and relevance, and promote open communication and awareness among our ship and shore personnel to support a respectful workplace.

We also strongly encourage our employees, customers and the public to report harassment in all its forms as well as any breaches to CSL’s commitments. To this end, we use EthicsPoint, a confidential and anonymous, third-party reporting service. All reports filed through EthicsPoint are treated confidentially, investigated and appropriately addressed by CSL’s legal department.

Although we have made positive strides in addressing harassment issues, we acknowledge that continuous efforts are necessary to completely eradicate onboard harassment. We remain committed to collaborating with the SIU and other industry partners to address harassment collectively and work towards creating a maritime industry free from harassment.

(Image from CSL)