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Beirut explosion leaves city devastated, people desperate. We can help

After the horrific live images of the blast, these pictures borrowed from the Web leave no doubt as to the violence of the explosion that destroyed the port of Beyrout. In a food deprived country as Lebanon, losing a grain elevator will have dramatic impacts. International help must be organized at once. To this end, we fervently invite you all to use The Canadian Red Cross to donate now. They are directly linked to the Lebanese Red Cross which is well structured and has been doing tremendous work throughout the years. Since the onset of the Syria Crisis, close to 4 million people have fled the violence in Syria to find refuge in neighbouring countries including Lebanon, where 1.2 million have found refuge. Please give generously.

The blastwave levelled buildings near the port and caused extensive damage over much of the rest of the capital, which is home to two million people. Hospitals were quickly overwhelmed.