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Artemis Technologies unveil design of cutting edge 100% electric passenger ferry


Belfast-based Artemis Technologies, a maritime design and applied technologies company has unveiled the design of its all-electric hydrofoiling ferry, the EF-24, targeting the global high-speed ferry market.

The revolutionary ferry is among several zero-emission vessels being developed by Artemis Technologies in Belfast, Northern Ireland, designed to provide commercially viable green transport solutions for operators, cities and governments across the world.

With a top speed of 38 knots, the EF-24 Passenger ferry offers a range of 115 nautical miles at 25 knots cruise speed and produces incredible fuel savings of up to 85% compared to conventional high-speed diesel ferries.

Powered by the patented Artemis eFoiler® electric propulsion system, the 24m vessels will fly above the water, providing a comfortable ride for up to 150 passengers on board, mitigating effects of seasickness and producing minimal wake at high-speed, significantly reducing the impact on shorelines.

Artemis Technologies is a spin-off from the Artemis Racing team that competed in the America’s Cup of which its founder, two-time Olympic champion Dr. Iain Percy OBE is a four-time veteran.

“We have combined our experience from the worlds of high-performance sailing, motorsports, aerospace, and advanced manufacturing to design and develop an electric propulsion system that is quite simply a game changer for the maritime industry,” said founder and former America’s Cup sailor Dr. Iain Percy OBE. “With hydrofoils that lift the boats out of the water, we are dramatically reducing drag. This is coupled with a submerged electric drivetrain that is exceptionally efficient.”

Uniquely, Artemis says that the vessel will incorporate a collision-avoidance system which dodges obstacles by “diverting the ferry on an altered path” away from in-water objects, like wildlife. 

Artemis Technologies has partnered with Condor Ferries to operate a pilot scheme using the first EF-24 Passenger ferry. This will come into service in 2024, running between Belfast and Bangor in Northern Ireland.

Artemis’ first commercial vessel, a 12-meter hydrofoiling workboat, is already in operation along the Belfast waterfront. The launch has a range of 60 nm at up to 25 knots, and it is aimed at crew transfer operations. 

“The ride comfort of a hydrofoiling vessel through a large seaway has to be experienced to be believed, offering a completely smooth journey whatever the sea state,” said Dr. Percy. “This will allow engineers in crew transfer vessels or port operations to get to their destination and deliver their services without discomfort.” SOURCE: Artemis Technologies