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World’s first wind-powered ro/ro vessel being designed

Stockholm-based shipping consultancy Wallenius Marine has teamed up with  Danish naval architecture firm Kund E. Hansen to design the world’s first wind-powered roll-on/roll off vessel. The agreement between the two partners was signed last week. The vessel known as Orcelle Wind will operate at speeds of 10-12 knots under sail that can be increased using

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Three FMC members urge rejection of CP/KCS merger

According to a report on the JOC.COM news platform, three members of the US Federal Maritime Commission (FMC) this week urged rail regulators to reject the proposed merger of Canadian Pacific Railway and Kansas City Southern, saying while it may open more port routings for US shippers, it will ultimately hurt US ports and intermodal

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Rising number of containers lost at sea

In 2021, international liner carriers’ onshore staff and crews managed 6300 ships, successfully delivering vital supplies worth $7 trillion to the people of the world, in approximately 241 million containers. The World Shipping Council (WSC) Containers Lost at Sea Report covering 2020-2021 shows that containers lost overboard represent less than one thousandth of 1% (0.001%).

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First electric flying ferry is set to hit Stockholm’s waters next year

The world’s fastest electric ship, the Candela P-12 Shuttle, is set to hit Stockholm’s waters next year, heralding a new era of transport. The innovative hydrofoiling electric ferry will reduce emissions and slash commuting times – and the city believes it will make waterborne public transport more attractive than trains, buses, and cars.  The marine

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Unifor union slams Port of Vancouver container truck policy

Container truck drivers’ concerns are being ignored as the Port of Vancouver forces through a program to retire trucks arbitrarily, says Unifor. “The program is a farce. Not only does it ignore the financial concerns of truck drivers, it exempts more than 98% of trucks on B.C.’s roads,” said Gavin McGarrigle, Unifor Western Regional Director. “It’s ‘greenwashing’ at

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Port of Montreal signs Declaration supporting indigenous people

To mark National Indigenous Peoples Day, the Port of Montreal has joined the Grand Circle of Commitment for the full participation of Indigenous people in Quebec’s economy. By signing this Declaration, the Port of Montreal formally pledges to contribute to this movement aimed at creating wealth for, by and with Indigenous people. This is a

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